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Gilad Mordehay - pricing

emotion,, when you think about your film you need to ask yourself some questions

Which movie if you want to see in 10 years 
A movie with the trend that has passed and a song that no one hears 

Or an authentic film that moves every time and stands the test of time


Hey, thank you for considering me to film your wedding

I love to shoot true moments of love! and create an emotional film for you to remember the greatest moment of your life.

The service I give.

wedding film - starts at $1800

love shoot \ Save the date - start at 550 $ 

ELOPEMENT - start at $550

to get an offer for your wedding please contact me
Can't wait to film your best day.

WhatsApp link


or leave your details on the "contact" page


 Hi, glad you are considering me to be the photographer of your special day, thank you very much it is much appreciated 

My photography is expressed in a personal tailoring of your special feelings
I like to build movies that are built on the emotion, words and love between you

The service I provide
Wedding ribbon  - starts at NIS 5500

Couple photos - starts at 1800 NIS

photos  with the dress and suit in a crazy location - starts at 1800 NIS

Price range

To get a correct price quote for you, contact me in any way you know is good
Usually answers in a few hours or less 

Link directly to my WhatsApp


Or leave details on the website on the contact page


price range

Common questions

I have a tip for you

Create something special for your wedding
Take the little details and make them your own
The orders and all their details
Special greetings to each other or from the family 
A dance that is only yours
Take care of beautiful locations from the organization to the design of the canopy and the tables
Make the canopy walk special
Flowers, fireworks, rice

And another tip, let your emotions run free on this day
This is the best part of the day 


Second photographer? need or must

As someone with a lot of experience shooting video at weddings, if there's anything that will make your film, it's a second videographer

Taking a video has a lot of creative options to do but if he is alone, many times 
It is locked to what must be caught and that's why 
Many couples do not take video at all because to create a good and interesting video, a second photographer is a must

Find out about the special discount for taking a second photo with me on WhatsApp

Which song do you choose?

The truth is you should let me do what I know
I specialize in conveying emotion through the screen and I can tell you that 50 percent of what you feel is through the sound 

I edit all my films, and I also edit their sound, which means the sound of the atmosphere and the environment where the video was shot 

Usually a song is made up of 2-3 songs and a lot of additional sounds that make you feel like you are in the scene
and give you the right feeling


wedding films


Michal & Ian

rush in


Roga & Ariel 

love in Jerusalem hills


Shir & Daniel

roots of love


Mor & Mor

the definition of love

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